What exactly is #selfcare

Self-care is a term that is used a lot and has become something of a movement. Not to be confused with self Love, I will tell you the difference in a bit. We have a basic understanding of what is self-care. What we may not know is how to actually practice self-care and know that self-care is something that you have to continue to practice. There are different layers to self-care and that’s why I wanted to address the elephant in the room, the question of “What is self-care?”


This is probably the most common, the act of doing something physical to care for yourself. Eat the right foods for your body, sleeping enough to rest your mind and body. Physical self-care consists of other smaller activities like physical appearance, doing nails makeup, wearing clothes that make you comfortable. I have a post that can help with finding “20 Affordable Ways to Indulge Yourself”


The next aspect of self-care is Mental. This consist of vision boarding, journaling, reading, meditating and learning something new. A lot of these things you can find in my Free Self Love Challenge


This is the kind of self-care that we forget to do or use logic not to do. This is where you embrace your creativity, take on that project only you can understand, meet up with friends. Simply but do what makes you over the moon happy. One of my most soul self-care activity is to not do anything. Sit not clean, eat food I love and watch Netflix.


Self-love is doing mental, physical and emotional activities that feed directly into your self-esteem, building confidence, keeping motivated and positive and knowing what you’re worth. This leads to yo making decisions for your life that leads to your ultimate purpose in life and unlocking your passion

I hope this information helped Why did I do an entire blog dedicated to self-care and self Love. I had my own personal struggles with loving myself and taking care of myself. Lack of both leads to weight gain and emotional breakdown. After hiring a life coach and doing the training myself I decided to help other women

With all, I went through I created the “21 Day Self Love Challenge” that has changed my life and made me a different more confident more honest woman.

Do you practice #selfcare or dont you know what it is, read more here What do you do for #Selfcare, understanding what it is and the various types is the first place to start