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I have been doing vision boards. My first physical board was done in my bedroom very shoddy and all over the place. However, that did not stop the manifestations from happening. Having a vision board changed my life, it focused my mind and channelled positive energy to me.

The point is not to just set it and forget it but to also have actionable plans for your goals. Some goals will be on faith alone but there are some we have to get up and actively action. Keep your mind and heart open and accept the blessings from your supreme being.

Vision Board launched into the mainstream social media market around 2006 after the secret was launched. Law of Attraction book is riddled with powerful teachings and transcript from many successful people who used to the power of positive thinking and faith achieve great goals in their 

My first vision board was in 2008 at one of the lowest points in my life. I wanted a positive change and I was sick of tired of being sick of tired.
What I needed from my vision Board was to be in a loving relationship, having two daughters, driving a Red Rav 4 or SUV type vehicle, formulating 4 strong friendships, travel, find a job, furniture and appliances. Yes, all of that and much more I can’t remember now.
I did the Vision Board, believed it would happen and went on with trying to accomplish my life’s goals. 3 months later I got a job, bought new furniture a little less than a year later my husband and I bought a silver RAV 4. I met a lifelong friend and established new friendships with old girlfriends that are today my pillar of female strength.
The point of all this is to say that Vision Board and Journaling does work. Somehow you put this into the universe or in my case I prayed to God for guidance and openness and allowed the process to work for me.
Now over 10 years later I still do a vision board, my goal for this year is to have a vision board on the back of my bedroom door the whole length as my dreams and goals have grown and I am set to achieve them all!


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1. List of Powerful, assertive and inspiring words

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Money manifestation affirmation quotes

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4. List of careers and positions for your aspirations

5. A wide range of high-end brands to dream big

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1. What goals are you working towards

2. How will achieving your goals affect you

3. What will it take to reach your goals

4. What ONE word summarizes all your goals

5. When you imagine having already obtained your goals what does your life look like

6. Do you log your thoughts, goals and feelings in a journal

7. Do you have faith

8. Do you believe that we are all connected to a bigger network and governed spiritually

9. Are you ready to change your life

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