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100 + Very Useful Gift Ideas For the Entire Family

The art of proper gift giving is just that an art, there are many factors to consider, a person’s age, likes, passions, dislike or even what’s going on there life now. The best way to give a gift is to make the gift useful. Listed below are 100  plus of the most useful gift ideas for any occasion.

Christmas is a great time of year and it should not all be about the gift giving but about the togetherness and bringing your family together. Nonetheless, it can be a little frustrating find a gift for everybody in your family that speaks directly to them.

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100 Very Useful Gift Ideas for Christmas


Pregnant or Nursing Mothers. 

1. Book About pregnancy – What to Expect When ExpectingThe Sh!t No One Tells You About Pregnancy: A Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond

2. Book on the first year of babies life 

3. Gift certificate for spa

4. Gift basket with spa items – body oil, lotion, throw, hand cram belly cream

5. Maternity Cardigan

6. Gift certificate for Baby clothes

7. Anti Skid Slipper Socks

8. Comfortable Sweater

9. Body Pillow 

10. Gift basket with nursing supplies

11. Baby Ktan

12. Baby bag

13. Breast Pump

New Born & Baby 

Useful Gift Ideas For New Baby and Baby


14. Soft toys

15. Conversion bottles – Tommee Tippee bottles 

16. Teething Toys

17. Cash to start College Fund

18. Receiving blanket and burp cloths

19. Baby Walker

20. Colourful toys

21. Tummy Time Mat

22. Gift Basket with Baby Supplies -Diapers, Diaper Rash creams etc

 Useful Gift Ideas For Teens

Toddler and Kids 

23. Crayons and Crayoning books

24. Bedtime Story Books

25. Puzzle Sets or Block Set

26. Tricycle or bicycle

27. No screen Time Activity Sheets 

28. Outdoor Chalks

29. Dolls

30. Scooter

31. Dolls Clothes

32. Cooking Set

33. Building set 

34. Actual size doll house

35. Personalized Room decor

36. School supplies

37. Tent 

38. Educational videos

Preteens & Teenagers 

39. Makeup

40. Makeup Case

41. Point and Shoot Camera 

42. Play Station or X Box

43. Cellphone

44. Book SetsDivergent,  Battle Earth

45. Earphones

46. Art Supplies

47. iPad

48. Nail polish

49. Gift basket with Ladylike products – body splash, lip gloss, nail polish, eyes shadow, feminine products.

50. Gift basket with Masculine products – shaving cream, disposable razor or shear, axe body spray ext.

51. Kindle PaperWhite

52. Video games

53. Gift Certificate for Facial

54. Speakers for music

55. Netbook or Apple Air

56. Piano lessons

57. Painting classes

58. Gift certificate for the Mall


Useful Gift Ideas For Her

59. iPad

60. Painting

61. Decorative Pillows and Throws

62. Full package Spa day without kids

63. Pandora with Charms 

64. Apple Watch

65. Foot spa

66. Weekend at a Hotel

67. Candles

68. Home Decorations

69. Mason Jars

70. Pictures Frames with family

71. Blender or Nutribullet

72. Perfume 

73. Gift Certificate for Clothes

74. Gift Certificate for Cleaning Service

75. Gift Certificate for Baby Sitting

76. Bullet Journal Starter Kit or Bullet Journal

77. Feminine Stationary

78. Gold Necklace with Matching Earrings

79. Amazon Alexa or Dot



80. Beats Headset

81. Gym Membership

82. Gift Certificate for clothes

83. Hair Trimmer

84. Gift Certificate for pedicure

85. Cologne

86. Smart Watches 

87. Gift certificate for Car Detailing

88. Tool Kit

89. Undergarments

90. Handmade Scarf

100. Camera

101. Briefcase

102. Wallet

103. Organizer for Papers

104. Gift Certificate for Shave and haircut

105. Personalised Cufflinks

106. Gift certificate for Backial and Facial

107. 2018 Diary

108. Boze Speakers

109. Barbecue Grill

110.Cooking Knives

111. Watch Engraved with quote

 100 Very Useful Gift Ideas for the entire family, for the entire year, for all occasions



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