Do you feel guilty, undeserving or overwhelmed whenever you try to do something for your self? Do you struggle with confidence and being positive? Do you have issues setting goals?

I have the greatest news. You don’t have to keep having those feelings.

What if you could create your purposeful life?

You may have heard the term “purposeful/intentional life”, but no one really tells us how to find our own purpose, tap into our talent and find out who we truly are. We talk to successful people and they don’t have a foolproof blueprint of how to be successful. The whole truth and nothing but the truth is we have to redefine our own level of success.

Introducing Soul Surgery

Soul Surgery is a workbook and guide designed to help you to know who you truly are, how to tap into your passions and redefine your own level of living a life with intention and purposes.

You will be challenged to rethink 6 aspects of your life. Health and Fitness, Minimalist, Goals, Mindset and Manifestation, Love and Communication and Finances. These 6 pillars are what the ebooks foundation is on. A complete balance of ones self.

Hi! I’m Iceta

I was at a bad place about 4 years ago, trying to find a way back to my normal. I started paying more attention to how I really felt, started asking myself the hard questions.

The key was understanding that being honest with myself meant I could make the right decisions. It’s funny, I understand now that we lie to ourselves more than we lie to others and that those lies we tell ourselves are exactly the kinds of obstacles that are holding us back from being balanced, productive and happy…

We are growing. Join the journey to self love and happiness!

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Worth the time and money, I am so glad I got this. It was so detailed and spoke directly to my life. I am a student and I was constantly worried about failing and feeling like as if I would never be as successful as {insert famous person name her}. I learnt to accept who I am and practice the six pillars of self-esteem. I practice every single day. Charm

Student, Belvedere Academy

As a woman, I have been through it all! Break up, unemployment, major failures and illness. I was at a place where the word happy was a distant memory, success was millions of dollars and a lot of people around me. I learnt to redefine my entire outlook understood how to love my self and lose all that inner guilt of wanting more for just me Rae


Here’s What’s Inside

Adapt a healthy lifestyle defined by you and not what the media depicts. Pointers and fundamentals to create your best diet plan for you. unique to you.
Minimalist living scales down your mind and living to the point that forces you to focus on what really matters in your life. Learn how to define your own lifestyle
Setting goals are easy, achieving them is the task. Learn how to set the right goals and achieving them 98% of the time
Law of attraction 101.
Learn yours and others love language in order to find the right person to work on a relationship with.
Learn how to budget and spending on what benefits your life
A Purposeful Life to Self Love

My Purposeful Life Journey

Setting Goals

Goals Guide Breakthrough

Law of Attraction



Vision Board


Ideas & Essentials

Diet & Health

Self Care/Development

Love Languages

Affirmations to Say Daily

21 Day Self Care Challenge

Money Management Tips

Life Quotes

From Sad to Self-Love

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive a digital download?

Your workbook will be sent to you via email as a PDF. You can read on any electronic device.

How do I use this workbook?

Soul Surgery is completely printable. You either print the entire ebook or just the worksheet pages. The second option is to get a journal and do the activities in your journal to revisit.

How long will the guide take to go through?

This is a self-paced ebook and as such, that is completely up to you. The idea is to have this as a practice manual to continue to improve yourself

I don’t have PayPal how can I buy this book?

Once you click the payment option it will ask if you want to use your PayPal or pay with a credit card

What is your refund policy?

Because of the electronic nature of the guide, we are unable to offer refunds after your purchase is complete.

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