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Self -Development begins with self-care. Self-care is not selfish it is essential. This Self-Care Workbook was designed you in mind. Be a better version of yourself. Here is how, enter your name and email below to begin

What’s Inside¬†


Over 100 affirmations that speak to your body, mind and soul. Affirmations help to develop a personal mission statement for yourself. Find onces that speak to you, connect to the words on a spiritual basis and use those words to ehnace your positivity. 


Reading is a sure fire way to get a better you. It allows for relaxation, alone time and of course education. In my self-care workbook you will have a list of women empowered novels to read to enhance your minde, be positive and become more self-aware

Self-Care Starter Kit

A list of affordable and attainable products to use to build your self care arseanl.


Meetings, lunch dates, laundry pick up, kids recital, playdates and so much more how do you keeo track of them all? Included are weekly and monthly trackers. Oh yeah and a gratitutude tracker as we cant be empowered and be better people if we don’t give thanks

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