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I related to Iceta based on her “My Story” I was just getting out of a horrible marriage and I watched her IG live and read her story and how she overcame the pain and hurt through self-love and self-awareness and I booked my first FREE discovery call session and it changed my life


I was in a dead end job, miserable and lonely and I pretty much was ready to snap. I wanted to leave and start my own business, but I was so scared of not being able to provide for my kids and failing. In my first call with Iceta we worked out a strategy to get over my fears.


It’s like every word she utters is connecting to my soul and about what I am going through. It’s not easy at times to go through your life but Iceta helped me feel so much better about my self. I was in a bad place. Then I started the long journey to being a happier me. YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF”


LOVE & LIGHT! This Goddess is making her rounds and through her openness and connections to her inner spirituality, she is able to just connect. Loved my expereince. Love her openness


I feel like I’ve known her my entire life. Our Connection, our closeness comes through her support sessions. I was able to boost my confidence and identify who my tribe was. I now have healthier relationships that benefit me and them.


She has become my mentor, confidant, a rocket of positivity. I met her years ago but didn’t work with her till I was ready to start my Intimacy blog I got the Ebook “Single Moms Blog Better” and her guidance and my blog is growing and I am learning with each process
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