So you just found out you’re pregnant. What’s next? How about a pregnancy journal.
Well, I was a bundle of nerves and doubt and I sure wasn’t thinking about what’s next. I was thinking more like ‘holy crap I’m pregnant like I’m going to have a baby!” I stayed in that trance for about 2 weeks. Then I had to fight down the urge to tell everyone. You know the saying keep it under wraps until after the 3rd month. I suggest you get over your first trimester and then start verbally spilling to the garbage man telling him you’re pregnant! If you’ve had a miscarriage before, then you would want to be a little more cautious and of course rest.
So have you started figured out what’s next, Not yet?
After 4 home pregnancy test and a couple of crying spells. I called my coworker and asked her to recommend an OBGYN. I needed to confirm my pregnancy and ensure it was viable. The scariest thing is to find out something has gone wrong that you could have prevented. Go and see the doctor.
Choosing a doctor can be hard especially when your nauseated half the time and graving for ice cream covered pickles with peanut butter. I found my OBGYN through other mothers, I explained my initial birth plan, which changed, and just tried to find a doctor that matched our needs and personality.
So about this nausea. Saltine crackers and water that will help with nausea. My favourites were these. I just loved the crunchy saltiness of them and they worked like a charm also drinks lots of water, dehydration is usually the cause of nausea. My next joy was this full body pillow, my husband hated it and threatened to dump it in the garbage. I ignored him and named my pillow Igor because he hated that name too.
Okay, still haven’t figured out what’s next? Let’s chat some more then. You need information… Lots and lots of information I bought What to Expect When You Are Expecting, The Belly Book and The Natural Mama to get started. Online sources I used were The Bump and The Baby Centre which are loaded with tools, information and a community board.
Online baby sites as mentioned before, will give you weekly updates that are super, super helpful and I even added hubby’s email so he could get the updates too. You might already be thinking about names, I sure did. I even thought about whether it was a girl or a boy. I daydreamed about little dresses and decorating a nursery. I baby name picker is also included in the journal.
So have you figured out what’s next as yet? If you haven’t realized by now there is no EXACT what’s next strategy. Your next step is not obvious, what I  really did was just log each week in my pregnancy journal waited on my body and go through each stage, the disbelieve, nausea, discomfort, wanting vast knowledge to then, finally the need for nesting. ENJOY it all, I know it might be frustrating or uncomfortable but there is hope at the end…Your healthy snuggly baby.
What you can start doing now is having the right information on hand with a trimester by trimester checklist. Have it at your fingertips a printable checklist or to keep on your phone. With each trimester covered you can at least control one aspect of this unpredictable journey, knowledge.
The Pregnancy Journal is filled with the MOST important things you need to do week by week, what tests are important, what to start planning for, pages to log growth of your baby and yourself, photo pages for Ultrasound and pregnancy test, important dates, appointment Cards and MUCH MORE. For your baby shower, there is a guest list tracker to see who has RSVP. Knowing who will attend will cut costs for catering. I suggest to keep it small and its much more fun to have your best friend do the planning, just show up ripe and rosy.



What is included in the Pregnancy Journal:

  • I am Pregnant Sheet
  • Daily Planner
  • Photo Paged (2 pages)
  • Appointment Card
  • Baby Weekly Tracker
  • Dear Baby Sheet
  • Baby Preparations
  • Things To Do
  • Meal Plan
  • Grocery List
  • Baby Names
  • Baby Shower Gift Log
  • Baby Shower Guest List
  • First Trimester Checklist
  • Second Trimester Checklist
  • Third Trimester Checklist
All in a neutral colour suited for any stage of your pregnancy. A pregnancy journal worked for me especially now 4 years later when my daughter can read and see what was going on with her and my big ol’ belly.
Go ahead and download the journal now!!
Heres a fun tip: If you’re into taking photos, set a weekly alarm to take a photo of the same shirt and leggings, that way you will have an awesome photo diary.
Hang in there mommy to be you will be great!
So You Just found out, What Next | Pregnancy Journal
Free Printable Pregnancy Journal.
Have you started figured out what’s next, Not yet? Grab this free printable Journal