Do you have a picky eater? Don't worry here are 10 Tips For Mommy's With A Picky Eater. Advice from other moms with the same issue.You have a picky eater. Every mother has been through this stage, a matter of fact, we all go through it a few times in various stages of raising our children. Most Toddlers are picky eaters, they will like something today and by days end it’s repulsive. Try to stay calm and be patient it’s quite normal and it passes after a while for most kids.
Picky Eater eating raspberries

In the meantime, you are worried about the health and well being of your child and you start to over think about lack of nutrients, breaking bones and growth issues. The fact is it takes a long period of time and severe neglect for a child to start being affected by picking at their food. You should start to worry if they are losing weight rapidly, rashes appear on the skin or behavioural patterns towards mealtime is aggressive.

I spoke to a few different moms and ask each to give me a tip that can help other mothers who go through these stages.

10 Tips For Mommy’s With A Picky Eater

  1. Find that one food your kid likes and mix it with other things. Cheese and honey are great options for toppings  on veggies
  2. Smoothies are a great option for the times your toddler doesn’t eat all their meals. Freeze smoothies into popsicles. A carrot and apple popsies is awesome
  3. Make eating fun. I cut the food into shapes and animals and create a story sound the animals.
  4. Give smaller snacks throughout the day at a more frequent time. This will fill any gaps that may be missing from one big sitting
  5. Visit your paediatrician and have him/her prescribe vitamins based on your concerns and you picky eaters needs. Vitamins will help to fill those gaps in nutritionFruits for picky eater
  6. Healthy juices and water are another way to get them eating. Juices won’t keep them filled but its nutritious and introduces different flavours to your kid’s palate
  7. Put your toddler on a schedule. Once your child gets accustomed to certain activities at a particular time of day they will start to expect when it’s mealtime. Schedule meals right after their activity time, let them work up an appetite
  8. If your child isn’t in daycare where they are being socialized with other kids with healthy eating habits. Form your own mom group and expose your toddler to other kids eating habits. It’s human nature to belong, your picky eater may see others eating up a storm and follow suit
  9. Teach your picky eater some independence. Cut the veggies, cheese and fruits along with juice and put them in an easily accessible area encourage them to make their own meals
  10. Be patient. It is normal for a toddler to be a picky eater it happens one time or another. They are experimenting with food and developing their taste buds. Food is another way to express themselves, yes it’s frustrating but it’s another part of their development. Start to worry if their pickiness is leaving them weak, lethargic or severely unhealthy.smoothies for picky eater