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Self Love Tips for the Single MoM

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  • Over 100 Affirmations to speaks to the Female soul
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  • 17 Women Empowered Reading List for 2019
  • Introduction to Types of Wines
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What is Self-Care?

Self-care is a term that is used a lot and has become something of a movement. Not to be confused with self Love, I will tell you the difference in a bit. We have a basic understanding of what is self-care. What we may not know is how to actually practice self-care...

20 Easy Ways to Indulge Yourself

For sure we don't indulge ourselves enough. With work, kids, projects, spouses, friends when can we find the right time for a little self Love and self-indulgence, most times never. I implore you to ensure that you find the time at least once per month to do so....

The Serenity Prayer as Your Comfort

On our journey of self-love and self-awareness we most times need that one quote that will get us through our bad times. For me it was. "everything will fall in its rightful place", a saying my mom always told me. However when I get older I stumbled unto the serenity...

10 Ways You Can Improve Your Confidence

Confidence is a state of mind? I believe it is, however it does take some time to get to that place when you feel like your confidence is at an optimal level. As such finding ways to improve your confidence will take you a far way with being positive, enjoying your...

3 Easy Way to get Motivated and Positive

We all have that time when we just need a little push, that little oomph to get us motivated and positive. I know I do! I have struggled with self-esteem issues, body image insecurities and just plain fitting in for years. I am not cured but guess what I am now happy....

Are you your own Boyfriend? 10 Signs that you are

Think about these quesions seriously. Are you your own Boyfriend? Have you been single for awhile? Life still has to go on though,  right? Having a man around does get things done...buuutttt now with him, not around you have to get shit done. So your weekends now...

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