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Using the most effective ways to organize all aspects of your mind, life and home. KonMar System which tells you to have the right mindset when approaching your clutter. Bullet Journal system and printable Planners. Grab the FREE Declutter Master List

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9 Tips on How to Sort through your Papers and Mail

Paper sorting is a dreadful, time-consuming ordeal. Not to mention if you have downsized your desk, workspace at home. This downsizing can make it challenging to know what to keep and what to trash. Here are 9 Tips on How to Sort through your Papers and Mail, as well...

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11 Bullet Journal Hacks, Tips + Ideas

I hope you read the first post I wrote about getting started with bullet journal because today I will be sharing with you 11 Bullet Journal Hacks, Tips and Ideas that can help your productivity and decrease your time spent planning your spreads. If not you can always...

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How to Organize Your Closet Using Marie Kondo Method

When using the KonMarie Organizational system your first stop is your closet and drawers to sort out ALLLLLLL your clothes. Knowing how to declutter will help with knowing How to Organize Your Closet Using Marie Kondo Method. I will say this, it will be a very long...

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