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Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Checklist

There are just a few more days left before Thanksgiving and you are here because you waited until now to actually decide to start the party planning process. Don’t feel bad I am QUEEN of Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party planning, I live for that life…no I don’t.
With so many things in our lives to do as moms and working while doing all of that its no wonder, we don’t forget to put our shoes before we leave the house. Being a mommy shouldn’t be this hard at times right? I want to be the mommy who always has it together or at least 60% of the time.
I have always had to whip up a dinner party for one thing or the other and I found an easy way to get it all done and have a GREAT dinner party for your family.

What You Should Be Thinking About

The biggest part of a last-minute Thanksgiving dinner party is figuring out what you want on the menu, other than the turkey that is. You can visit my Pinterest board here to get some well-needed meal and drink ideas.
  • How many persons will be attending?
  • Will it be sit-down or buffet style? This will then determine if you will have to set the table or not.
  • What will be your main dish? Most will choose turkey but also consider a vegetable casserole for any vegans that might be there.
  • What will you serve for dessert? Have a theme for your desserts. For this year’s theme, I will be doing pie related desserts
  • How many appetizers will you serve? The key is for a group of 10 guests, 1-2 appetizers work nicely. Be sure to take into account if you have vegetarian family members or friends
  • Alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks?

What is My Next Step?

Now that you started thinking, its time to put your plan into action. First go ahead and grab that Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Planner. In this planner, you will have a 5-day checklist of what you need to do to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. Yes, it can take only 5 days but you have start NOW.  Included in the kit is also a buying guide that will give you a pretty good idea of what categories you need to be focused on.
Grab that Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Planner

Other Things You Need To Do When Planning A Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Prepping the night before your party is also very important. don’t be afraid to ask for help from hubby, friends and big kids. especially kids, get them involved because when the adults come around sometimes they may fee a little left out. Another aspect you can add to make your party fun is an activity for persons to participate in. For Thanksgiving, I have always found it fun to have each person write down what they are thankful for on a piece of paper. Put all the paper in a bowl. Pick a paper from the bowl and read it out loud. Everyone should now guess who is the person who wrote the note. Even the kids can participate.
Not because you are having a Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party doesn’t mean it cannot be organized and fun. With a little bit of thinking and planning, you can have a great party and memories for everyone to enjoy. Oh, don’t forget to take loads of pics. Pictures last forever and I am very thankful you are here on my blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

Grab  Your Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Checklist Here

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 Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Planner for the Busy Last minute moms
You only have about 5 days to prepare a very perfect dinner party, for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, christmas or thanksgiving dinner Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Planner. Start NOW and have a great time! The perfect checklist for a Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Planner







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