When using the KonMarie Organizational system your first stop is your closet and drawers to sort out ALLLLLLL your clothes. Knowing how to declutter will help with knowing How to Organize Your Closet Using Marie Kondo Method. I will say this, it will be a very long process. However, it is guaranteed to take you down memory lane and allow you to have gratitude towards your life and possessions.

How to Organize Your Closet Using Marie Kondo Method

Mindset Approach

Sit comfortably and visualise what you want your closet or room to look like, before you get started. What is your ideal closet dream? Decide whether you will use existing items or you will have to drop into IKEA or Amazon for some essentials. You can find some basic essential at the end of this post

Reuse, Donate or Discard

Take all your clothes out in the open. Start separating them into piles and ask your self the following questions or statement :

Reuse: “I am so in LOVE and this is still useful to me, should I keep this?”

Donate: “This has done its time I should pass it on so it can make someone elses life fulfilled?”

Discard: “You no longer have any use to me, thank you for your service to my life. Goodbye”

Now you have dwindled down your wardrobe into your favourite pieces. It is time to now organize them into a more useful flow for your life.

Everyday Wear

Using a wardrobe rack for your work essentials, will make it easier for you to plan your outfits ahead of time. This rack you can place in your dressing area or closet if you have space. Make a plan on the weekend for sorting through your clothes. Iron the pieces you need, coordinate pieces and watch you week fly by stress-free.

Baskets & Trays for Accessories

Place your everyday jewelery or accessories at your fingertips. Make it easier on yourself in the morning. A tray or basket on an open shelf to see the items at a glance is essential. No hunting for your special pieces required, this will save time in the morning.

Easy Shoes Access

Make your shoes easy to access on open shelves or in a space you can see them as you need. Shoe storage boxes are great for storing away shoes you don’t use very often. Boots for winter or sandals for spring. However, you need more open access to your everyday shoes.

You must be asking, ‘why not use shoe rack?” They are on sightly and your shoes will more than likely end up in a pile on the floor. Think the open concept and try shoe selves.

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Current Season Wardrobe Items

Seasonal clothes keep them out in the open to see them when the season comes around. Think open shelving for folded items like jeans, and matching hangers-on rods for clothes that wrinkle easily. Invest in a set of good-quality hangers it is worth the splurge. They slide more easily across the rod, won’t snag delicate fabrics and help clothes keep their shape. Wood hangers are best for suit jackets and clothes with more structure; slim, velvety-coated hangers will help slippery tops stay put.

No Snag Baskets

What should you do with your smaller items? Grab some fabric lined baskets and add your scarves, bags, swimwear and intimates. Add to those basket out of season items and place them higher up and out of reach. To ensure you know where everything is label the baskets for easy visuals

Drawer Inserts

Drawer inserts are a lifesaver. They come in many variations from velvet-lined jewelry trays to sock sorters. Before you go shopping for drawer organizers, take a look at what you have in your drawers. A great idea would be to take a photo of the contents of each drawer and refer to it when you shop. 

Fabric Care Items

Caring for your garments is essential for their longevity.

  • Lint rollers
  • Sweater Comb
  • Steamer
  • Safety Pins
  • Clothespins
  • Stain remover

Rarely Used Clothes

For clothing, you don’t wear as much. Stash them away in storage bins or in drawers where dust can be kept away. Invest in garment bags instead of hanging them at the back of the closet. Unlike plastic bags from the dry cleaner, cloth garment bags protect clothes from dust while allowing the fabric to breathe.

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