Now that you have started your blog, written a few posts, its now time to get eyes on your content. This is post 4 and we will be discussing How to increase traffic to your blog using Pinterest. After about a month I saw a significant jump in my page views after I started to incorporate long pins in my post and repinning sing Tailwind. You can start your tailwind account right now to jump ahead of the game

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest

Overhaul Your Pinterest Profile

1. Do not use a log for your Profile Pic

This shows humanity and gives people someone to follow. A face to the name if you will. I know there are blogs out there that use a logo, and that’s fine, but the successful bloggers humanize their brand with a photo of them.

2. Claim Your Other Accounts

When setting up your Pinterest profile, you can claim your other accounts like YouTube, Instagram and/or Etsy.

When you do this, you get some great features like:

  • More analytics to use to take action with. When claiming your other accounts, you get to see all the analytics for Pinterest for each pin.
  • Grow your monthly views. Your monthly views are the analytics of how many people have seen or engaged with your pin. This number can grow when you claim other accounts as the monthly views will be aggregate across accounts.
  • You can grow your Pinterest followers. With a claimed account, when others pin your pins, they get to see your profile and a red button to follow you

3. Focus on your Niche on your Profile

Pinterest uses your behaviour and other information to understand your Pinterest profile niche. As a blogger, you need to understand that Pinterest is gathering all the information they can from your boards and activity to figure out what Niche you are in. Make it easier for them by ensuring your boards relate to your topic

For example, the boards you have on your profile and the pins you pin to those boards gives Pinterest information on the type of pinner you are.

Similarly, the pins other people save from your account helps Pinterest understand another level of context with your profile.

So, the best thing you can do is niche down your profile. For your title, instead of using multiple keywords, try using one main (umbrella term) for your title. The picture below shows what my profile use to look like before I decided to just focus on a simple umbrella word. pinterest page before

I changed the image and made it clearer to see as well as use one empowering statement to describe what I do in the Profile name pinterest page after

4. Your Bio Description

This area is for you to educate pinners to your profile what you do and how. This is a great place to optimize that description with keywords based on your blog niche.

For example, if you have a mom blog and your blog about Parenting tips and being a single mom, some keywords you can incorporate into your bio description are:

  • Parenting Tips
  • Save money tips
  • Organizing tips
  • Declutter and organize

Your Pins

Increasing traffic with Pinterest

5.Creative Pin Titles

Having a creative pin title will go a long way in achieving your goal for driving traffic. How you get persons to click on your pins is by having attractive brightly coloured pins that have attention-grabbing titles

Here is a point to note,  you can create multiple different pins for the same blog post. This means you can try out different Pin titles to see which one brings the most traffic or click-throughs back to your site.

For example, How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest.

In this post, you share over 20 tips to optimise your Pinterest profile to increase blog traffic.

You can create different Pin titles using emotional words:

  • 20 Easy steps to Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest
  • Increase Your blog traffic in 30 days with Pinterest
  • Best ways to improve your Pinterest profile  to increase blog Traffic

6. A Call-to-Action in Your Pin Descriptions is essential

As a way to promote your pins on Pinterest, you get a Pinterest description that you can use to place keywords in. But, remember it’s a good idea to also place a call-to-action.

This is something you want the pinner to do.

For example, “click over to read 10 Ways to motivate yourself.”

7.  Hashtags In Your Pinterest Descriptions

Hashtags have made its way unto the Pinterest platform. therefore along with using keywords, start incorporating hashtags in your Pin descriptions.

Use the hashtag symbol (#), and Pinterest will give you suggestions. Try using hashtags with the most pins.

8. Use High-Quality Photos

Can you use free stock photos to improve your pin quality? Heck yes, you can, I got my arsenal from Twins Mommy and I still use and I suggest if your selling printables try to get some from shutter stock or one of the bloggers that do graphics.

In saying this, you can get away with using free photos by making sure you change the angle of the image, increase the size to focus on one thing in the picture and changing it by brightening or darkening the image.

9. Use a mixture of Faces as well as no Faces In Your Pin

I try not to use too many faces but depending on the topic a picture with someone evoking the emotion may really increase the pin worthiness of your content. I’ve been playing around with using more faces and I found that one of my most popular pins is one with a human element.

For your profile, do some A/B testing and see if faces convert for you then make a decision. You really should be making at least 3 pins per post so use one with a human element and two without and see how they stack up.

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10. Avoid Using Dark Images

People tend to stop and click on bright pins with a lot of white space. If you use a pin image that is dark or cluttered with too many things in it, pinners may just scroll past it.

If you use a free editing program like PicMonkey, you can easily brighten up the image.

11. Use Large Fonts

Statistics have shown that most people view Pins on their mobile phone. Therefore ensure that you create large font pins that are visually appealing.

I personally use a sans serif font and cursive as a way to market my blog & business on Pinterest.

But, like before I do an A/B/C test with block letters, cursive and the combination of both to see which converts better for your pins.

12. Place Your Blog Name On Each Pin

This goes without saying, its a sure fire way to ensure that your blog is getting noticed and remembered.

Your Pinterest Boards

13. Use Keywords As Board Names

It’s important to let Pinterest know what your profile is about from the words you use to name your boards. Instead of using a cute name like “My Happy Place” I just Love to love” you can optimize that board by using keywords like “Motivational Quotes.” That’s a very saturated Keyword by the way so you want to be careful of that. A better Board name may be “Self Motivated Quote”

Think of what other pinners will type into the search for ideas and use those as board names.

14. Relevant Board Names

It is vital when using Pinterest for business your boards are relevant to your blog niche. Remember, you want to niche down. So your pets loving Pinterest board may not align with your Personal development board names.

For those personal pins, turn them into secret boards. Click on the pencil icon when you hover over your board and edit your settings.

15. Focus on you Board Descriptions

Did you know that Pinterest recommends boards to other pinners? Yes, they do on a daily basis and a couple of times a day too. If you want your board recommended make sure to fill out the board description with keywords based on your blog niche.

16. Pin Daily a few times a day

Fresh new content will definitely help your stats. Pinterest loves having new content to use. I know that this is a lot of work to keep pinning daily and new content all the time. Well, there is a way, I use Tailwind to do all my pins and repins. Ensure you also use up SmartLoop from Tailwind. Smartloops loops your pins over and over for a few weeks. Visit Tailwind website for more details

You can manually pin from your blog to Pinterest every day or you can schedule your pins using Tailwind.

17.  Your Relevant Boards get  First Priority

When you have a brand new blog post with a brand new pin, the best thing you can do to show Pinterest what your pin is about is to pin that new pin to a relevant board.

For example, if your new blog post is about Beating Procrastination, you can pin that pin to a board called “Self Development Tips” or “Self Help Tips.”

18. Do not rely on Group Boards

I got wind the other day that Pinterest is de-prioritizing pins from group boards. I am not sure how true this is but I can say based on the trends group boards won’t be getting high priority in the near future. In the meantime though find a few and take advantage of the time you have now

19. Optimize Your Boards With 3rd Party Pins

When you create new boards, an easy way to quickly show Pinterest what this board is about is by pinning popular 3rd party pins. Just use the search function in Pinterest and usually, the first 3 pins in the first row are optimized for that keyword.

20. It’s Okay to Repin The Same Pin

You don’t have to worry about spamming your own board. Pinterest doesn’t care if you do this. People are only mentioning that your board just may not look good, but it has nothing to do with damaging your profile or potential traffic. Take a look at my Bawn Natural Blog Board.

Pinterest For Business Marketing Tips

Let’s go over some optimized marketing tips for Pinterest. Having a pinning strategy will help you see if Pinterest is driving traffic to your blog.

21. Know The Best Time To Pin

On Pinterest, most people are pinning content in the evenings and during the latter half of the week. this knowledge should help optimise your traffic to your blog

22. Add Pinterest Widgets On Your Blog

To grow your Pinterest followers, you can add a Pinterest board widget to the sidebar of your blog.

23. Verify Your Website

It’s important that once you have a Business Pinterest account, that you verify your website.

This is easy to do as long as you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed on your blog.

Go to social > Pinterest.

On Pinterest click on the verify button and grab the HTML code and place it in the box in Yoast on your blog.

And that’s it!

24. Pin Directly From Your Blog Often

Go to your blog website and pin directly from there to your boards. Instead of repinning pins on Pinterest, go to your blog and pin from there.

25. Analytics

Pinterest offers analytics to help you figure out how your pinning is doing.

Use this information to figure out:

  • Which pins are your top performing pins
  • Which pins need more attention
  • How your impressions are growing
  • Which boards are your top performing boards

26. Automate Your Pinning

It’s too much for bloggers to manually pin every day. Instead, opt to automate your pinning strategy using Tailwind.

Tailwind uses different ways to automate your pinning strategy. I like to use board lists and interval pinning as well as the new SmartLoop functions where you can have pins loop to the same board based on the interval of time.

You can schedule your first 100 pins for free using Tailwind!

27. Audit Your Pinterest Boards Once a quarter

Every month or few months go into your Pinterest boards and group boards to see what’s going on.

You might notice that it’s hard to find certain pins so you can create Pinterest sections for some of your boards. Or, you might consolidate a board or make a board secret.

It’s always a good thing to go into Pinterest and see what’s going on. You can even act as a consumer/pinner and use Pinterest like that for the experience YOUR followers get with your pins!

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