What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is a simple email marketing solution for all types of businesses. The key idea behind our solution is simplicity. We provide our customers with a simple and user-friendly content editor, simplified subscriber management and campaign reports with the most important statistics.

How do I start?

Let’s begin with signing up for a Free plan. Click the Signup button in the top right-hand corner. You will see a page where you need to provide your company name, email address and choose a password:

Once you’re done, click on Create my account and you will be redirected to your new MailerLite account.

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Getting your account approved

After creating a MailerLite account, you’ll need to complete 2 steps to validate your account:

Complete your profile

Tell us about you and your company. Please know that this information is used during the approval process.

Verify your website domain

Your website verification consists of two steps. The first step is to enter your website URL:

The second step is to enter your domain email address:

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Waiting for approval

Once you’ve completed the 2 steps required for account approval, we will start reviewing your account:

Usually, the approval takes 15 minutes up to 4 hours, but sometimes it might take longer – up to 1 day. After we review your account – a notification email is sent to all administrators of the account.

Import your subscribers

Importing subscribers to MailerLite is really easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Click on the Subscribers tab:

2. Now click the orange button Add subscribers (on your right).

3. Choose one of the ways to upload your list, either with CSV, TXT, Excel, manually (one by one) or import from Mailchimp:

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Create your first campaign

After uploading your list it’s time to create your first campaign:

1. Click on Campaigns, you will see an orange button Create your first Email:

2. Then you will see a new page with 4 campaign types available:

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Here’s what you should know about each of them:

  • Regular is for normal campaigns.
  • An A/B Split Campaign lets you test various campaign alterations to see which performs better.
  • The Auto Resend option lets you automatically resend the campaign to those subscribers who did not open it or did not click any links.
  • RSS campaigns allow you to connect your website’s RSS feed with MailerLite. You can use it to send automatic emails to your subscribers every time you publish something new on your blog.

3. Enter your campaign’s subject title. You also have the option to add an emoji or personalization.

4. Check your From field, the sender’s email address (make sure you are using your own registered domain) and select your newsletter language (that this also influences the language of your unsubscribe page). Once done, click NEXT: Content.

5. Select one of our editors to create the campaign or select one of the pre-made templates.

6. Design your campaign. Check out our Newsletter Gallery for inspiration. Once you’re done – click the green button Done Editing.

7. Select your subscribers – you have several options:

The Basic option allows you to select Groups and Segments you want to include or just check All Active Subscribers to send to everyone. You can also select Groups and Segments to exclude. Subscribers who are in the excluded group or segment won’t receive your campaign. The Advanced option allows you to add conditions and build segments on the fly. No need to create or save segments before. The Legacy option is for the old subscriber management.

8. We recommend sending a test email to yourself to check what it will look like for your customers:

9. Your campaign is ready to be sent! If your account is not approved (yet), you will have to wait for the approval in order to send the newsletter.

Send your first campaign

After your account is approved – you need to click the SEND button and send the campaign or schedule it to be sent later. There’s also an option to deliver based on time zone (paid plans only). You can also add Google Analytics tags if you have a GA account. Once you click SEND, the campaign will appear in the Outbox folder.

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Analyze the campaign reports

After the campaign is sent, it will be moved from Outbox to the Sent folder. You can view the reports easily:

1. Navigate to Campaigns -> Sent and find your campaign in the top of the list. You will immediately see the number of recipients and the percentage of opens and clicks:

2. Click the View Report button.

3. You will see the detailed statistics of Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Spam ComplaintsBounces and more. We even allow you to see the Opens by Locations.

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Key Words to Remember

You can find the most important menu tabs in the top navigation bar:

  • Dashboard – displays your latest campaign and its statistics. Below the campaign section you will see the list of your unique subscribers and unique subscribers used.
  • Campaigns – allows you to create a new campaign, view & analyze reports, copy and edit created campaigns.
  • Subscribers – upload your subscribers and manage them.
  • Forms – create subscription forms and add them to your website.
  • Automation – use these to send automated campaigns immediately when a new subscriber joins your list or schedule to send them later.
  • Upgrade – if you have more than a 1,000 unique subscribers, you can upgrade to one of our affordable plans.
  • Refer a friend – share MailerLite with your friends and they’ll get a $20 credit when they sign up. If they end up upgrading, you’ll get a $20 credit too.

In the top right-hand corner you can find your User Menu:

  • My Profile – upload your photo, enter your name, view login details and change your password.
  • Users – add a new user or administrator.
  • Account Settings – change your account name, timezone, default sender information, and the option to switch off the MailerLite logo in paid plans.
  • Authentication – advanced option to add txt values to your DNS zone and manage authentication on your own. It is recommended for you to authenticate your own registered sender domain.
  • Subscribe Settings – enable double opt-in for API and integrations if you want to send confirmation emails to subscribers who join through API or another integration.
  • Unsubscribe Settings – modify the page that your subscribers see when they click on the unsubscribe link in your campaign.
  • Email notifications – enter your email address to get quick email alerts when subscribers join or unsubscribe, end-of-the-day summary of subscribe and unsubscribe activity or billing notifications.
  • Integrations – advanced users can view various integrations available. Find your API key, integrate with Facebook, WordPress, Shopify and other.
  • My templates – create a beautiful template and use it later.
  • File manager – a helpful tool to organize and sort your images.
  • Switch Account – this option allows you to switch to another account, in case you have several accounts.
  • Change Language – changes the language of the interface.

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