If you want some semblance of organized chaos in your life I suggest you continue reading this post and get into the Bullet Journal System. The Bullet Journal System is a suped-up creative outlet for a regular to-do list. Let me make it clear there are governing principles but nothing hard and fast about how your journal should look and what you should have in it. Create your journal to suit your own life and needs.

Bullet Journal has changed the way I see tasks; I now actually look forward to logging my daily goals and objective and using the keys. I go crazy with title pages and change my daily spread, well daily. The journal you will create will not only have your to-do list but like in my case I have trackers for water intake, social media stats and even my kid’s dentist appointment. All laid out how I visualize them in colourful illustrations.

How It Really Works

Most Bullet journals would have a table of content, future log, weekly spreads, daily spreads and trackers. Yes I know it sounds overwhelming but remember I said it’s what you need, however it suits your life. However, let me see if I can explain a few things:

Rapid Log

Rapid logging is the easiest and simplest form of the bullet journal system. Start off with creating a subject for the page in the top right-hand corner and then proceed to write down all you have to do from your head. Everything like a mind dump.

Future log

The future log is essentially a synopsis of what your year will look like. You lay out 12 months and just start logging goals or tasks for the future. I suggest you map out 6 months at a time. In that way, you will have a clearer understanding of what’s going on and not get too deep into planning so far ahead in your journal. The point is to get used to writing in your journal and if there is too much info you won’t keep it up. I know for me that was an obstacle, I got overwhelmed trying copy all those bullet journal gurus.
After mapping out my year, I would then break down my future log into a monthly spread.  It’s all about forward planning and staying on top of your tasks. I start out by choosing a colour for each month. So skipping through my first journal was a cute rainbow kaleidoscope.
Here’s a tip; You can do this about a week before the months start which will give you an idea of what your goals will look like before the month actually starts.
From monthly to weekly then unto my daily activities.  A mind dump is just rapid logging all I want to do in that week or month, is like a huge to-do list of all I need to do. For your daily activities, you don’t write to far ahead in time, I Usually wait until the day or the night before. You can never really tell how much space you will need.
Here’s tip. I usually skip a weekly spread and do a mind dump of what I want to accomplish each week.

How NOT Crossing Of Tasks Works

There is no need to put lines through your tasks. There is a key to adhere to with the bullet journal system. The standard symbols are listed below along with the key I have enhanced myself, by now you know I am a low key nerd, right!? Based on the status of your task you will use, / • X <> or O. Looks like an unsolvable math problem, doesn’t it? The image below also has some other symbols that are unique to my journal. With that key, you can see why you won’t ever need to put a line through a task. Its either its completed with an X or its Rescheduled for another day >.
Heres a tip: I find that if you put the date you reschedule it for you will be able to keep a better track of your rescheduled or migrated tasks
 Key for a Bullet Journal
Let me give you a working example. I have to buy a bottle of wine to review every month for the Mommy On Wine Blog. There are a few things I need to do. I have to take photos of the bottle with glass etc, try the wine with a few meals and then write the post plus a few more things in between (see image below) By the way, this page has two in every month because I now do a wine review twice a month and I usually write in batches, oh read the Apothic Red Wine The Perfect Wine for Special Occasion, its a great wine for beginner red wine drinkers.
 Wine Spread for Bullet Journal
Be as creative as you want. I have a Pinterest board that is filled with creative ideas for daily or weekly spreads and trackers that you can incorporate into your journal. You will also see examples for a spectacular title page. Your titles page is the page right before you start your monthly spreads. I use that area for creating a theme. If you are an artist you can do a mandala, a quote, goal or an artistic picture. I just do plain lines or words.
You are in no way obligated to do any of these things you can go all monochromatic and just keep it simple and tasks oriented. Just rapid log and move on with your life.
Bullet journal worked for me in so many ways. Let me confess, my first journal was a hot mess, I had no idea I had so much to dump from my mind. I mean I already talk so much already, didn’t realize I had more in that brain. Journalling was supposed to be that one self-building thing I started on my birthday. It turned into making me the most effective and organized I’ve ever been in ….. ever! It took me some time to understand what I needed. How I wanted things to look and get over the fact that it didn’t need to follow any theme, method or process this was my journal and it was to do what I wanted it to do.  I used some of the old key symbols and created my own as was needed in my life. Visit the Pinterest Board to see what my journal looks like today

How To Get Started With The Bullet Journal System

Your next question will be what kind of notebook to use. The right answer is one designed for bullet journal. A dotted Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Medium Dotted Journal, I have no idea how it’s pronounced, is the most common. Leuchttrum are the connoisseurs of bullet journals. The dotted lines give you the ability to make your spreads more organized and appealing, however, you can choose grid or lines too.The Leuchtturm pages are thick enough to take the weight of even a sharpie marker, a journal with thin feeble pages will most definitely be annoying and frustrating, been there done that! The pens I suggest are Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister, which does not bleed through the pages. One of the worse things that happened to me is having to discard a whole two pages in my journal after I used a pen with a heavy flow.

I have compiled a Mommy On Wine Bullet Journal Starter Kit. The kit includes a  beginner guide to what you will need. Enter your email below and check your email for your download link. All of these items in the checklist I have used and highly recommend. I bought them based on reviews and I have found them to be very effective in organizing my life, blog and family. If you are still unclear about Bullet Journal System visit here


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 How to get started with The Bullet Journal System Bullet Journal Beginner Starter Kit. Grab the Free Download Here Organize the tasks in your life with Bullet Journal