Is your #morningroutine full of, "I don't want to go to schoooool!" I am soooo tired" I hate that I have to wake up". Well, my mornings are and then some.

How To Get Your Kids Into Their Morning Routine

I have 2 girls to get ready in the mornings 5 and 7 years old, and every morning I have to nag and shout and stamp my feet like a petulant child to get them, fed, bathe and through the door. I was completely out of my element with getting this done, and to think this will go on for another 12 years or so. I had to get over this and real quick!

Observer Their Behaviour

I spoke to the girls and started watching what they did each for their previous morning routine. Where were their individual strengths and weaknesses? I quickly realise that each child had their own bunch of things they hated to do and things that sucked theirs and my time. The one thing I did learn was that they both had a competitive nature. Who could do this first or better or who would get praised by me or daddy? Got it!

Say Hi to the girls!

Let me introduce you to my children. Suhri’Sanaa, oldest, is the boss and Sarai’Sway is the bully and the baby. When I figured that out I started on a checklist for my kids. YUP! They couldn’t read when I started so I had pictures to show but guess what… it worked! Even doubtful daddy was impressed.

Now for their morning routine, each girl is now racing with each other to be the first one to complete their list. So if you’re struggling with getting your kids up and about in the mornings here is a fun way to put some pep into their step. It works too for an only child as it teaches responsibility.

10 Improvements In Kids Behavior with a Morning Routine


  1. It allows older kids to be helpful and assist with siblings
  2. Teaches how to delegate upcoming tasks
  3. Kids that struggle with asking for help can be assisted while the other kids do their activities
  4. No child leaves anything behind
  5. Reduces Morning Rush
  6. Reduces unhealthy communication (shouting stops)
  7. Anybody visiting could help
  8. Mornings became a joy once again
  9. Teaches responsibility
  10. Teaches Teamwork

Smart Home Devices Maybe an Answer

Being a single mom to 2 kids ain’t easy at all. I have had my days where I have failed at even breathing right, but you know what kids are so forgiving and understanding and loving and and and how can you not want to try to do better by them. I can only do this by organizing my life and theirs. There are just too many moving parts and changing personalities. I have to be on top of it all……most…of some!

I have actually turned my entire home into a smart home so I can be a smart oil machine mommy. You can read about my suggestions here.SaveSave



How To Get Your Kids Into Their #MorningRoutine can be challenging here is how I have turn around my crazy #mornings #kidsMorningRoutine

Have you been looking for a #morningroutine for your #kids Here is a great one. It improved my kids behavior in 10 different ways SaveSave