Eat Real Food – Recipe & Guide to a Low Carb Keto Lifestyle

Do you want to try the Keto diet but find it difficult to get started? It’s easy here’s how!

Is this you?

      • Tried every other diet
      • Find them too restrictive
      • Diet food tastes really bad
      • Foods are hard to find
      • Recipes are restrictive

Start with Real Food.

Think about starting to Eat Real Food. Greens, meats and all the flavour you need to make your meal taste like real food. This ebook has 29 easy and tasty recipes that you can do and prep in minutes. Yes, I said it minutes!

I will guide you to :

    • Easy recipe instructions to follow
    • Tasty foods including desserts
    • Comfort knowing you can stick to the regime
    • Loose weight
    • Become a fat burning vessel

What’s Inside:

    • 29 Easy & Tasty Recipes that can be done in minutes
    • Why I choose Ketogenic Diet
    • Intermittent Fasting Introduced
    • Approved Keto Diet Food List, which includes a bread and sugar replacement
    • How to eat out on the Keto Diet
    • Grocery List
    • Keto Diet Guiding Principles
    • Resources to track progress and plan meals


The Author, OH MY GAWD that’s me

I’m Iceta, mother of two girls, a full-time blogger and business owner and I now introduce to you my Eat Real Food – Recipe & Guide to a Low Carb Keto Lifestyle Ebook. Here’s my story hun…..

After two kids and many failed diets, I was tired of doing another thing that would not last. I started intermittent fasting as just a way to spiritually cleanse. That experiment lead to noticeable weight loss. In doing more research I started to see the results of women who did the Ketogenic diet and I was shooketh. Women lost hundreds of pounds, felt great and looked great.

I wanted in, I was sold but I could find anything that would incorporate where I lived in the world and the availability of food. So another experiment was born and the baby that came from the experiment Eat Real Food. This has been the ONLY diet that has worked for me ever, ever, ever! Now it’s your turn!



Still not sure?

So you might be thinking that ” I won’t follow this diet, It will not happen” I a here to say once you started you will see how easy it is to maintain and stick to. Hey, I won’t leave you hanging there is support for you. When you purchase Eat Real Food you will be linked to a growing community of liked minded people going through your same struggles. Go ahead we are all waiting for you!