How the heck do I choose a blog niche? You usually get two advice, “follow something you are passionate about or get into a Niche you Love. The truth is if you want to make a living blogging you need to find a niche that will make money. Blogging about the exploits of your fern is all fun but how will that make you money?

I still believe though that if you are innovative enough you can make money in any niche you enter with the right strategy though. Here is a list of Niches that are guaranteed money makers, grab the free checklist here

My Thoughts on Blog Niches

I never believed in finding a niche. It’s the wrong mindset to have. 

Instead, I believe you should find a problem and address that problem. Sure, when you take a step back that puts you into a niche but finding niches is one of the things that continues to hold bloggers back.

Most bloggers are better off just writing things they like until they hit upon a problem that resonates with people. YUP, that is exactly how it works

Niche Down

You will hear things like finding a niche then niche down. Niching down allows you to find a specific set of audience, but do you really need to do that? I doubt that.

When you think of successful blogs, they have an eclectic array of lifestyle, food, travel, being a mom and the list goes on. However, each post is targetted at solving an issue. Here is where I would say write in lists form and use headings like “13 Blog Niche That Makes Money” Oh you can grab that here by the way

Be Passionate about the Niche you Pick

Or you don’t have to be either. When you decide to start a blog you will fall under oneor both of these to categories

  1. You want to help find a solution for an issue for a wide range of people
  2. You want to make LOTS of money from it

Heres the rick though once you start making money from something you will find how passionate you can be about it. Once you start to make5-6 figures from your blog your passion for earning will take over.

I have 4 blogs and counting in 4 different niches because I want to test the theory if different niches make more money than others or it is about applying the techniques to blogging and marketing. Is it a numbers game or is it a passion game?

Figure Out What People Want

Choosing a niche real nails down to what people are looking for. Simply put, people want a better version of themselves. Show them to be better parents, better ways to make money, better body to have and they will listen.

In other words, niches that aim to improve people to better than they are now are niches worth considering to enter into.

Blog Niche to Consider

Listed below in this free Niche Checklist are few Niches that are making money. Keep in mind these are the broad niches. There are tons of sub-niches within each one but they all fall under the bigger niche.

Whichever one you choose to get into, do your research in keywords and what people are looking for before you start posting. Grab the list now


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