It’s always a good time to start a new planner. I designed this pretty Chic 2019-2020 18 Month Printable Planner that is loaded with so many resources. I Hope you love the designs as much as I enjoyed making them. The layout I’ve used in my Bullet Journal system and they are useful and productive. 


When Is The Best Time To Start Using Your Planner

It’s best to start planning today. start writing down special dates like birthday, anniversary, family vacations and so on. Get ahead and start thinking about gifts or outings and outline the procedure to a particular task. Make travel arrangements and start a log.

Printables are a must have for a few reasons. Have you ever heard the saying “write your dreams down and watch them happen” that’s the premise of why I use printable? I have a smartphone, laptop and tablet and somehow I never seem to use them and always gravitate to my notecards or loose sheets. it saves me a ton of money on planners and I print the days weeks and months I need.

What Is Included In The Chic 2019 18 Month Printable Planner

There was a lot of thought that went into this Chic 2019 18 Month Printable Planner. I chose sheets that would be used frequently and that would be most important to the daily organization of your life. My biggest activity is meal planning, sitting down with pen and paper to see what can be had for a month….augh ordeal, but when finished it’s super productive and makes my life so much easier.

If you want to see how I meal plan and what ideas I use, leave a comment below?

  • Monthly Spreads – 18 Months
  • Weekly Spreads
  • Expense Tracker
  • Password Log Sheet
  • Blank Note Sheets
  • Meal Planner
  • Grocery List
  • Travel Log
  • Cleaning Planner
  • Fitness & Weight Tracker

Why You Need a Planner

If you’re a stay at home mom like me, with one or more kids, you need a printable planner or some kind of organizational tool, that’s a given. Organizing your days with things to do, meal planning, grocery shopping list and activities for the kids, you can grab an activity sheet for kids here, and colouring pages for yourself as well, you have to find some way to get your life organized.

Why Do You Need Your Life Organized

Is that really a question? My life used to be like a tornado in full motion, picking up trees, houses, cattle and spinning them around with strong winds and rain a circular motion, and I would be of the centre of all that chaos hanging on for dear life. Then one day I started writing down everything, my thoughts, plans, ideas and got into the bullet journal system. Here are a few customisable sheets and a starter kit.

Now with that same tornado chaos, I am in the centre walking in slow motion, swatting away anything that may come my way because I have planned ahead and know what’s coming. Planners help me organize my life from dusk till dawn