Changing your NameServer with GoDaddy is really simple. You can get this done in 7 easy steps. If you have gotten here and need help with starting your self hosted blog click here for a complete break down from start to finish

  1. Get the name servers that you need the website to point to. If you are using Siteground it should be in your CPanel area
  2. Log into your GoDaddy account
  3. Top right-hand corner to click on that down arrow next to your name and that little head icon
  4. Under Quick Links click on My Products
  5. Beside your domain name click on DNS
  6. Scroll down to Nameservers and click on “CHANGE”
  7. Type or copy and paste the name server from your hosting platform

There you go you have changed your nameserver. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for it to become effective. Be patient and start researching some new blog post.

How to Get started Blogging

Once you start blogging you want to now focus on your Niche and then how to get people to eyes on your content. This you can do by using Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog you can find out more here by clicking this link. You may be thinking wow I am going to have to find a graphic artist to create these pins that look so awesome. No, you don’t, Canva is where most bloggers go to create those beautiful pins. Take a look at the ones below, those were made with Canva.

To capture your visitor’s credentials you will need to now join an email opt-in program. I have used MailChimp and Mailerlite. I do recommend Mailerlite though it is so much easier to use and you can create your templates just the way you want them. More details on how to get started with Mailerlite you can go here

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While you are here, are you interested in starting a blog if you haven’t done so already? Sign up for this FREE How to start a blog 1-2-3 Ebook. You have nothing to lose its FREE!


How to change your Nameservers on GoDaddy How to change your Nameservers on GoDaddy in 7 Easy steps