Do you want to make money Blogging?

Blogging is one sure fire way to earn a living as a single mom. I Started Mommy On Wine after I separated from an abusive relationship and needed money to take care of myself and two girls. After so long this is why I have now launched Blogging for Beginners All You Need to Know for New Bloggers, focused on moms trying to get started with blogging and kill it.

I have been blogging for over 7 years and I have several other blogs that are just as successful as this one. Once you find the formula you will be able to replicate it.

Why Should you Use blogging to Make Money

This is a question I get asked constantly and I always have that look of disbelief at the question. Blogging affords me a few opportunities.

  • Write your own Paycheck – As it stands you can once you but in the work, find your audience, sell yhe right products you can determine th eamount of moneyyou can mak each month
  • Time management – Having two kids under the age of 5 at the time I was strapped for time to be with them I had to find something that would allow me to be a mom and still earn
  • Best Job – I now have the best job in the world as I write and research things I am passionate about
  • I have no Job – Since I am working with my passion and fulfilling my dreams I don’t feel like I Have a “job” it feels like I am doing
  • fun things every day
  • Better Writer – If you should see some of my post from my early days of blogging they were horrible
  • Build a Network
  • Learn In-Demand Skills
  • Help Others

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With all that opportunity you are able to create a space where your passions can be put out to the public to help others and you can put a price to your knowledge. If you want to make money blogging you have to do the research, read a lot of content and get frustrated with trying to understand social media algorithms and reading statistics.

Blogging Is Not All Fun and Games

So with all the great things that you can do with blogging and make money. I have to admit that it’s not easy at all. There has been the recorded overnight success and we all know who they are right? Yeah, that is because they are not many. For the most parts its hours of research, writing, image creation, promoting and watching your stats. In the column below are some drawbacks as well as the upside to blogging


AStaring a blog is easy

A blog gives people a reason to visit a website

It can create a community

A blog is living archive

You can have an incredible reach to millions of people


A blog requires regular updates

Being too honest may lead to trouble

It is not a get rich quick scheme

Unexpected technical issues can be frustrating

SEO is a major pain in the behind

Choose a Blogging Niche

How the heck do I choose a blog niche? You usually get two advice, “follow something you are passionate about or get into a Niche you Love. The truth is if you want to make a living blogging you need to find a niche that will make money. Blogging about the exploits of your fern is all fun but how will that make you money?

I still believe though that if you are innovative enough you can make money in any niche you enter with the right strategy though. Here is all you need to know about Niching for your blog to make money.

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WordPress Plugins

Plugins are add on to your WordPress platforms that allow you to take your blogging game to the next level. There are thousands of plugins and to be honest you can go plug in crazy and download a bunch that you won’t need and will eventually slow down your blog.

Examples of plugins or widgets you will need are social media widgets and plugins for email opt-ins.


Here is my suggestion for the best email opt-in to start with and its free for up to 1000 subscribers. I have a whole long lengthy post about Mailerlite, how to set it up and do your automations. Oh, automations are those post you get every day/week/month from bloggers when they do their email series, challenges and courses. SO no we do not write you emails every single day.

Remember you need to have a pop up on your blog an email “bait” so to speak. Giveaways something that is core to your blog for the first one, as you go on you can give away product based on post content or category on your blog.

Note: Put email opt ins at the side bar, bottom of each post and create a post to talk explain your entire give away

How to use Mailerlie to gain subscribers
All You need to Know about Email Opt Ins

Are You Ready To Start A Blog?

If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. I have compiled an Ebook with all you need to do to start a blog and keep it going. After over 7 years of blogging, I would say I have mastered a few things. Time management, organization, Pinterest pinning with Tailwind and Long Tail Keywords.

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Blogging can be a little overwhelming like I said I know. It takes a little bit of gymnastics to get the blog up and running so for ease and stress-free I have compiled “How to Blog 1-2-3” Here is the breakdown


How to set up your blog with WordPress & Siteground

Email Marketing and collecting subscriptions

Printable Blog Planner


Blog Niche

Long Tail Keywords

Using Pinterest and Tailwind to market Pins


How to write your best post

How to Making Money blogging

Marketing your blogs with integration

If reading all this all over the internet is a hassle for you, then I suggest you get it in one place. I have compiled a whole entire Ebook with ALL YOU NEED TO DO to:

  • Set up a blog on the right platform with an easily customizable theme
  • Write your first post in the niche you chose
  • Market your blog on Pinterest through tailwind to achieve maximum traffic
  • Finding the right plug-ins to start and run your blog
  • Logging your progress and analytics with my tried and tested blog planner.

Take the stress out of the process. Get straight to the fun part without having to worry about what you are doing wrong.




I’ve wanted to start a blog for the longest time and it was so frustrating, “how to Blog 1-2-3 had my blog up and running in less than a week. Rae –

It was easy to follow along. I was really not stressed at all and I had my bog up and running within the week i ought the Ebook. Melissa

I actually started a blog about 3 years ago, but I wasn’t doing a few things correctly. For one I wasn’t self hosting and that was a major issue. I had no SEO and my blog wasnt getting any traffic at all – Jessica

Who knew that pinterest operated that way I have seen so much new traffic to my blog its just insane. I am so Happy I bought this ebook and the printable planner I am so in love- Carla

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