Apothic Red Wine is the kind of blended wine that even a white wine drinker can appreciate. Of course, you knew this post was coming. This blog is called Mommy On Wine for a reason. I just had to combine my love of being a mother with my appreciation of a good glass wine. Wine represents for me a big girl way of relaxing. I have tried to always find time for myself, something that truly I could appreciate a hobby of sorts.

I decided on wine because it was something I had very limited experience in. I had no wine palette even how to function at a wine tasting, that story I will tell on my next wine post. I wanted to be apart of a communicate that took wine tasting seriously. Besides, there are so many different blends and variety that this hobby would just grow and grow. It is not about the alcohol, which is nice and relaxing, it is about the sophistication, the intricate details of each blend along with the excitement of just going wine shopping.
Let me just put it out there I am a white wine dinner. I love the sharp crisp taste of a Pinot Grigio or the sweet smooth taste of a Moscato. I am however trying to develop the robust taste for red wines. I can tell you right now I do not like merely, ok let me elaborate. I have not found a Merlot that suites my pallet, see what I did there, wine talk.
Then came my discovery of blended wines, like the Apothic Red. I figured what the heck lets try one. My first go around with a blended red wine. I have found that the combination of those medium bodied wines was exactly what I needed to sway me into trying more red or red blends.
Now let’s talk a little about this the Apothic Red Wine. It said to be inspired it ‘Apotheca’ a place in the 13th century Europe where wine was blended. Apothic Red is the perfect combination of Zinfandel, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These combinations give a faintly sweet taste to the bodied merlot and cabernet sauvignon taste. Zinfandel and Shiraz are much lighter. I find Apothic Red to be smooth and very flavorful with a hint of vanilla. Clearly a wine for the ladies right?

What have I paired this wine with? I first tried it with a very meaty steak. I found that it’s little too light for a steak but does well with easier beef type dishes like mince or meatballs. Sweets like cake and chocolate are great with the Apothic Red as well as most chicken dishes. Let me say this, after years of drinking wine I found wine pairing is not hard and fast, it is all about what you like. Bear that in mind.
 Apothic Red Wine
Apothic Red is not very expensive. However, I don’t think it’s not a wine to just bring out willy-nilly. It’s a great for a Thanksgiving party, Christmas gift or that big celebration of buying a car, home and so on. In other, more redundant speech it is a celebratory wine. Besides, I love the bottle and the logo. The entire line of Apothic which included Apothic  White, Apothic Dark, Apothic Crush and the new Apothic Inferno, all you can find here.
Apothic Red Wine is  the perfect Wine for Special Occasion. Its also a wine that even a white wine drinker will love.
 Apothic Red Wine The Perfect Wine for Special Occasion