Hi, It’s just me, Iceta

I have written an about page so many times and somehow I never seem to be able to capture who I truly am In words, but I will try once again and improve on it as I grow on Mommy On Wine.

I am a creative all over the place Gemini who has a short temper and still struggle with self-esteem and self-image issues. I was in a marriage for over a decade and was blinded by the abuse and when I realise what was going on I had lost myself.

I passionately, very passionately want to help you, I have that in my genes, wanting to fix, change and make better anybody who wants to make the change.

I am a cryer yes I cry for everything from the Titanic to the books I read; and because of this emotion I got heavily into journalling, Bullet Journal to be exact. View my spreads on PrayHer Journal on Instagram.

I am an avid reader from junk trash novels to life-changing self-help book I read over 150 books in 2018 and I want to double that this year with the help of audiobooks. (subscribe here).

Other things I am way too much into:

  • Makeup, Netflix, Video Games (Call Of Duty and Sims), Pandora Charms, All things Apple, Pens and Markers for my Bullet Journal, Natural Hair Product and processes and of course SmartHome devices.


Self Love is a practice, something you have to do every day. The 6 pillars of self-esteem are the foundation of where your happiness will begin.

– Iceta m


I am a university graduate from the University of Technology (UTECH) Jamaica and was honoured with a degree in Marketing. Which I have used to help me earn a living as a femtrepreneur. Like I said before I am an all over the place Gemini.

I also have CompTIA Network + Certification so yes I am a tech junkie, hence why there is SmartHome devices section on my resources place. Added to my techie accolades I have CompTIA A+, Apple Certifications and Microsoft Suite. Yep, I am a Tech Nerd and I am not ashamed to say that now.


My story is one that is sad and hurtful and still evolving. In a nutshell, I was married to who I thought was the man of my dreams and he turned out to me emotionally bankrupt and detached, which translated to mental and physical abuse.

I got out of the relationship with my two kids but what was left was a sad, hurt, bitter, low self-esteem shell of a woman who had no purpose, passion or direction.



  • Practice Living Consciously
  • Practice and build on Self Acceptance
  • Practice Self Responsibility
  • Practice Self Assertiveness and Create boundaries
  • Practice Living Purposely
  • Practice Personal Integrity


Why, because that means my marketing worked and I didn’t waste my time. Okay so that’s the truth but I am glad you are here because I believe you are ready to make a change and my blog and I will help you. I am practising self-love just like you are and I have failed and I have gotten up. Based on that I am an expert in all things LIFE.

I am glad you’re here.


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