Your skin care routine should change as you get older. With that said change can be challenging. To make it easier to switch up your skin care products and experiment with a new regimen. That’s exactly what we’re sharing, below. Here are 5 hacks for mature skin.

5 Skin Care Hacks for Mature Skin


It is a common misconception that if you do not cleanse your skin that will save the moisture. As skin matures, it can lose moisture, nutrients, and natural oils and that can result in drier skin. It is not the best idea to skip this skin care step. Instead, opt for a cream cleanser over other types of cleanser formulas.


If you miss that youthful glow as a youngster a little moisture can get it back. As we age, our skin can start to look duller. Choose a great moisturizer with a rich, non-greasy formula. This will nourish your skin with moisture. With continued use of a moisturizer over time, skin appears renewed. Every morning, smooth the moisturizer gently onto cleansed skin in circular motions. Of course, you can also use blush to help fake that rosy youthful glow.


I myself, have always shied away from facial oils. Besides losing your rosy flush, you may also realize that your skin is becoming drier as you age. To help with hydration, consider using a facial oil before you apply moisturizer. Facial oils immediately hydrates skin and makes it look brighter. To use, apply 4-5 drops onto the palm of your hand. With your finger, dab the oil in small dots onto cleansed skin, then gently smooth and press the oil onto your face and neck using the whole surface of your hands. You can apply this facial oil in between cleansing and moisturizing morning and night. 


I live in the Caribbean as such there is a consistent sun, UV Rays and a whole lot of heat! Sun protection should be part of every anti-aging skin care routine or really, every skin care routine, period. You should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher daily as directed. Remember to reapply every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating. Limit your amount of time in the sun during peak hours, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


You can create the look of a bronze glow at any age with the help of self-tanner. Self-tanners are a lot easier to manage and are not as damaging on the skin. After a few miss doses, your skin will go back to its natural color.

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