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5 Reasons to Start Dating After Separation

So you are getting a divorced or already divorced, whats next? Do you live your days serving your children? Will you be perpetually dieting and exercising to get that new inner body love or are you ready to dive into the dating game? Here are my 5 reasons I decided to start dating after my marriage failed.

1.Getting My Feet Wet

My main reason for starting to date was out of sheer curiosity. I hadn’t dated in over a decade and I wanted to see my options. Dating would give me a lay of the land and allow me to know exactly what I wanted, who was out there and what are the new age things I missed in the last decade.  Going on dates built my confidence and also allowed me to self-evaluate who I was now in my mid-thirties.

2. Moving On with my Life

After being in a toxic relationship and getting out gave me a new zest for moving on and living my best and fullest life. Before I got to the point of moving on I had to set a few things straight, like living alone, taking care of my kids and being healthier. After I felt settled my enthusiasm for  moving on and into a relationship was such a burning desire I knew then I had to get it going

3. Dating is a Confidence Builder

Did I mention dating is a confidence builder? Yes, it boosted my confidence and even encourage me to eat healthily and started exercising. Yes, you will meet some real dick heads but for the most part, the guys that ask you out truly see you in a really unadulterated light. They will compliment your eyes, skin hair, choice of clothing and many facets of your personality. Yaaas I am all for a little ego stroking.5 Reasons to Start Dating After Separation

4. You Get to Try New Things

This is a no-brainer every guy has his own dating tricks, schemes and plans and each one will yield a new adventure. You can even tell the guy you’re going on the date with, what you want to do and where you want to go. I for sure went to restaurants I haven’t tried and took part in adventures I was afraid to try. Go for it!

5. Dating Gives You Back Control

Yes, I said it. You are in total control of your life and love life. After being unable to save my marriage I felt like I failed and had no control over anything at all. With dating, you choose to say yes to who you want to say yes to and where you want that guy to take you. You choose what to wear, what makeup to put on. Whether you will have wine or just water. It’s all about what you want and how you want it to happen for the most part. The only thing I was sure to do on every single date was, to be honest, and clear about what I was looking for and I always gave every guy 3 dates to prove the worthinesses. Yes worthiness, dating gives you that much control.

Despite all these reasons you are ready to date after a divorce or separation when you are ready to do so.  When you do date though, ENJOY IT!


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