After you have learned about the essential oils you want to use for different ailments and conditions, you will then need to decide exactly how to use them. The following information provides some of the more common ways to use these oils.

1. In the Bath

The first way you can use essential oils is in the bathtub. This is great because you get the benefit of them both with aromatherapy by inhaling the scents, and by having them come into contact with your skin. You are able to use them without any fancy equipment, diffusers, or by using carrier oils to dilute them. With the bath, you just need a few drops of whatever essential oils you want to use, whether it is just one or several of them. Lavender and chamomile are great for the bath when you want to relax and de-stress, plus they help you sleep better.

2. Aromatherapy

With aromatherapy, the essential oil s are inhaled and will help you heal in a variety of ways. There are blends that can work on different ailments at one time. Some things that aromatherapy helps include inflammation, pain relief, arthritis, pregnancy pains, migraines, stress and anxiety, insomnia, and depression. A good way to use them for aromatherapy is by using a diffuser. You drop the oils into the diffuser and it puts the scent out into the room.

3. Apply to  Skin

You can also apply the essential oils directly to your skin. When you use this method, it is often to help with a physical ailment, such as rubbing oil on your joints that are swollen and tender from arthritis or treating a bug or insect bite. When you put them on your skin, it is very important that you mix the oil with a carrier oil. This helps to dilute the oil and prevents skin irritation from the pure essential oils. Whether treating a burn or scrape or applying them to your skin for better moisture and glowing skin, you need to remember to dilute them.

4. Make Body Products

Don’t forget about using essential oils for body or beauty products. The oils will further help to clear your skin, offer more hydration, or even help with healing wounds and slowing the signs of ageing. Decide on what you want the body product for, then look up what each of the oils can help with. This will give you a good idea on blends to use for that skin or beauty issue.