This is the best part of the back to school prep, SHOPPING FOR GIRLS! We are always so excited for our annual back-to-school shopping trip. Back in my day, we had to wear standard uniforms but now it is all about what’s fashionable, yet comfortable to bring out personal style. I am all about personal expression with kids. Here are 4 Back-to-School Fashion Trends for Girls that are sure to ensure they step out in style.


Graphic Tees are expressive and they have so many different statements they can convey. You can even get plain Tees and have your girls be creative with bedazzles and sharpie markers. Girls are into a lot of different characters so they have the choice from Dora the Explorer to “I Love being a Girl” wording. Check them out and have them choose a few to wear this fall


Red is Always in

Red is a big colour for this year. There are different hues you can experiment with based on your daughter’s skin tone. Sway looks better in brighter reds while Suhri looks super cute in the Reds mixed with a little pink. Every wardrobe should have at least a few items in this great colour. If your child has any red clothing items left over from the spring and summer, keep it going by simply adding a few more layers to it. If she doesn’t own any yet, you can buy it in a variety of items.

Pick up a pair of red jeans, or a sweater in a deep tone to make your daughter’s outfit pop. Mix and match this bold colour with anything from animal prints, to black, to brown fall tones.

Jeans that Repel Stains!

This is a great new thing that every parent is sure to love. Stain-repellent jeans are the new and best fad I am into these days and are made to let any unwanted food or other substance be wiped easily from the fabric instead of being absorbed by the material. How much better can it get than something like this that will save loads of time when it comes to doing laundry? I say 50 yeses to this fashion trend.

shutterstock_675005335Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Shoes are the final touch to any great outfit, and if your daughter is anything like my two, who needs at least a few new pairs. No one wants to return to school in scuffed, dirty shoes that have been already used many times.

This fall, the sky is the limit when it comes to footwear. Gone are the days when shoes were plain and barely noticed. For this fall, you will want to get your child a new pair of runners. Choose them in a bright, bold, funky, solid colour, or choose from a variety of patterns.

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For a pair that your daughter can wear with both casual and dressy outfits, choose something outstanding. Silver shoes are funky and make any outfit more interesting. Shiny is in, and there are many styles to choose from that are both fashionable and comfortable.

Make this year’s back-to-school shopping trip one that you and your daughter will remember forever. The girls and I do this yearly and they love every minute. Head to the shopping mall, grab an Ice Tea for us and make it an adventurous ay where we spend breakfast, lunch and dinner out in the mall.

Read on for the basis on must have fashion for kids for the entire year. Never worry about them being in style


This is the best part of the back to school prep, SHOPPING FOR GIRLS! We are always so excited for our annual back-to-school shopping trip. READ ON for a details on what to buy that will last through all seasons