Essential oils are a huge part of my life as a mother. I use them for cuts and bruises, facials and just to plain relax. However with the HUGE array of essentials oils and what their properties it’s hard to know where to start.

The challenges have had too is fins the ones that were 100% authentic. I have bought a few from Amazon that turned out to be real duds, so be careful. This is the reason I did this article to ensure that the ones I have in my arsenal that have been authentic are available to you.

1. Lemongrass

Can I tell you how much I love lemongrass? I use it in so many different ways. Auramatherpt in my diffuser, as a perfume, drop a few in my tea for an upset stomach. It actually played a big role when my daughter had the stomach flu. Using it on a daily it keeps me energized a dumped. The invigorating smell just resonated through my body, it makes me feel alive. For sure, it is better than a cup of coffee, well coffee puts me to sleep so it’s better than a cup of coffee to me. Grab one here or from the image below each point

2. Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil was late in the game for me. It has the ability to strip the semi-permanent colour from my hair as such I kept away from it. Tea Tree now helps with my beauty regime, I use it with witch hazel to help close my pores as a spot treatment when I have a blemish outbreak. Dilute it first it can be very strong.


3. Eucalyptus

Once you have kids you will have cold outbreaks every now and then. Your little one having a stuffy nose can be hard for them and you. Eucalyptus is awesome for that.  Dab a few drops on their pillow and on the night goes collar and it allows them to clear up that stuffy nose and have a better sleep. It can be very strong for them so when a say a dab I mean a dab. Check it out here

Essential Oils have many many properties, try a few different ones until you can find one that really resonates with you. Here a few starters packs and diffusers that I recommend.







Have you thought about #essentialoils? Try starting with these ones 3 Single Moms essential oil for beginners, here are the best I have used

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