We all have that time when we just need a little push, that little oomph to get us motivated and positive. I know I do! I have struggled with self-esteem issues, body image insecurities and just plain fitting in for years. I am not cured but guess what I am now happy. Happier than I have ever been.

It wasn’t one thing that made me happy, it was a series of activities, tools and techniques, yup tools. One of the most effective ways I became happy was by being positive and motivated.

Those are harder to accomplish than actually being happy. With being motivated and positive you have to dig deep and be uncomfortable about coming out of your comfort zone and accepting change.

Here are 3 things I used that helped me to be positive and motivated.

#1 – Affirmations to help with being motivated and positive

Affirmations sounded cheeses as heck to me but I must say. I am now reformed and I spew them out to my girlfriends and other mamas like a pro. I created desktop and phone screensavers that were amaaaazing for my self-esteem. You can grab those FREE right now below. I implemented affirmations in my life once I realise that my happiness was my responsibility and nobody else’s. You have to right that space where you are more important than anything else in your life. I know, I know this will take some time….pshaw┬áit took me a quick minute but when you are it will open up your eyes to wanting to make that change.

#2 – Journalling changed my life

Journalling has transformed my life and my positivity. It allowed me to focus my thoughts, track certain behaviours, schedule my days, write down my goals and overall feel free and reassured. There are no hard and fast ways to journal, I mean you have enough stresses in your life already to be worried about sticking to some strict journal rules. I do prescribe the some of the concepts of bullet Journalling, so if you’re interested in the bullet journal system you can grab a starter kit right here. One clear way to use your journal to motivate you is to have motivational spreads. Spreads are just pages that you have dedicated to one particular topic. You can use a spread to write down affirmations that speak to your needs.

Grab a Journal Here:

#3 – Meditation made me calm

Mediation is one of the most relaxing things I have ever experienced in my life, well, that and a good glass of blended red wine. I use the Calm app to help me through the intricacies. Meditation has certain psychological benefits that allow you to tap into the part of your brain that helps with motivation, procrastination and being calm. You do not have to meditate for hours, a few minutes a day will definitely get you centred for the day.

If you are still struggling with motivation and positivity, then join my Dose of Motivation On Wine or DOM on Wine. Every Monday morning you will receive an email with a positive thought, quote, scenario, story or printable that is designed to keep you motivated throughout the week. Go ahead and drop your email here. Your first email will have some screensavers for your cell phone and desktop



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3 Easy Way to get Motivated and Positive in your life


Simple Ways to get Motivated and Positive in your life


How to get Motivated and Positive in your life


3 Easy Way to get Motivated and Positive in your life