11 Bullet Journal tips, tricks, hacks and ideasI hope you read the first post I wrote about getting started with bullet journal because today I will be sharing with you 11 Bullet Journal Hacks, Tips and Ideas that can help your productivity and decrease your time spent planning your spreads. If not you can always take a peek here.

Recap of What is Bullet Journal

Bullet journal is a way to get your life organized along with channelling your own creativity. Well, that’s what it does for me and my family. When you get started you can get a little overwhelmed let’s try to minimise that.

Free Starter Kit for Bullet Journal 

I have been using bullet journals for about 3 years now and it has worked great for me. If you haven’t started yet I really do suggest you read how to get started and download the free starter kit.  In the early days, my journal looked a hawt mess! I made simple errors, crossed them out and created more mess than ever and I tried drawing and writing everything by hand, eeek!

11 Bullet Journal Hacks and Tips + Ideas

If you do have the time though. Here are some quick tips for fixing those errors and making your journal more lively.
  1. Start with a pencil first. Especially for your headings
  2. Get a whiteout tape. Sometimes it’s just easier to cover up a mistake
  3. If you messed up an entire page just tape it to the next page and discard that entire page. You can staple it together or just use some washi tape.
  4. A flip out key taped to the inside front cover of your journal. Will keep your mind fresh as to what the keys do. This helped me loads because the key just did not make any sense when I started
  5. Keep it simple and then doodle afterwards in your spare time. Just do the deed. Right your headings, dates topics and task, use your keys to organize and then you can doodle or colour coordinate. Doodling and colour coordinating take me a long time because I am always trying something I’m not so good at.
  6. I carry around a mini ruler in the back pocket of my journal.  Straight lines rock!
  7. Key washy tape prints led for the days of the week. Saves a lot of time when doing your spreads.
  8. Set up a yearly tracker for one habit. I track for the entire year the amount of water I drink so I just set up an entire two pages designed to track my water intake. Yes, I hate water. Or get a tracker stamp. Use different colours markers to differentiate different tasks. Blue for birthdays, red for date night, yadda yadda yadda.
  9. Stencil saves lives. It will take away 3/4 of the time you need to create your spreads.
  10. Clamps help me keep my journal open while I’m working. I found these cute clamps
  11. Use any notebook, doesn’t have to be anything major. However, Moleskin Soft cover journals have gotten really popular. I like the pages better than the other journals I have had. you can try them here

I know these will help you they basically saved my life when I started bullet journal and almost didn’t continue.  The checklist will have other tools you use. Grab it now it’s free. You can go to my Pinterest board impost duality images of various bullet journal spread ideas.
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