Starting a Journal 

To start a journal, you just need to be willing to write. You don’t have to write well, you just need to want to do it. You don’t even need to decide what to write, you just need to let your words flow. Once you’ve decided you want to create a journal, here is a long list of instructions to guide you:  

Set up a schedule of when you play to write in your journal. You want to turn your writing into a habit, so create a schedule. Pick a time and the days of the week you will want to write and create a timely calendar reminder, so you don’t forget. By scheduling the same times, journaling will become a natural and regular part of your agenda that you can look forward to.  

10 Tips on How to Start a Journal + 18 month Planner To Help You get organized

Create your own writing space   

When you’re writing, it is helpful to be in a space where you can focus and concentrate. A quiet room with no distractions works best. Allow yourself to focus on your writing, without any interruptions. Make sure you are able to sit upright and are comfortable. An office or a study room is always great. 

Buy a physical journal or Use Printable sheets

Penzu is a digital journal that will allow you to write from any device. It will make your journal writing incredibly easy-to-use, accessible, organized and private. It will save all your work and date it for you, so you never need to remember. It is a great tool for writing anywhere and keeping your work in one place.  

Relax your mind and think about your day  

You may not know what to write about and that’s okay. Your journal can be about anything you want. A good way to begin writing is to close your eyes and think about what you’re feeling.  

Question Yourself 

What has happened that day? How did that make you feel? Are you excited about anything? Why? Reflect on the thoughts and feelings you’ve been having. 

Just Start Writing

Begin a sentences with, “I feel,” or “I think,” or “I wonder.” By doing that you will start to just flow though it and it will. One together. Don’t feel pressured to stick to any particular form or topic. The beginning of your journal writing can just be an introduction to your thoughts at the time. As you grow so will your writing and you’re thoughts.  

Set a timer 

Set a time for how long you want to write. Somewhere between 5-20 minutes is comfortable, depending on what is going no on in you’re life at the time. A time will help you stay focused and stop you from getting carried away. It is easy to feel like you need to write down every detail and this will help prevent that.  I personal set a timer with my echo device and it plays soft jazz music for 20 minutes every night at 11pm  

Re-reading is optional

When you are finished writing a journal entry, you can go back and read through what you wrote and make changes. I personally don’t do that for the reason I want it to be raw and authentic, besides I’m the only one who will read it  

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