10 Smart Home Devices Helping Single Moms

I am a single mom and I never started out that way but for sure I had to learn. Realizing what I have learnt I need to pass on to other single mamas. I had to find very innovative resources to keep organize and assist me with being a great mom. So for 2019 I went digging and decided to make my home a smart home for Single Moms. Yes, that’s right my home is now equipped that any single mom can come to stay and know it will keep their kids safe and entertained.

Here are the 10 smart home devices that are helping single moms to be smart moms. I will give you a list and how it’s helped me and my munchkins.

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1. Amazon Eco

The first device I got was the Amazon Eco Dot and Echo Plus. That would be the base of all my tech in my house. I used the echo to set alarms, reminders, set routines and create blueprints. I use to create shopping lists order weekly supplies on Amazon. Listen to the daily news, weather and the list goes.

The routines I’ve set are to remind the girls to pack their school bags, lunch kits and get their stuff prepped for the next day, it has even helped with math homework.

Setting reminders is the most useful part of having a smart home. While I am cooking and working I will forget the pot on the stove, laundry in the machine or to even just stop working to enjoy my life. Simply saying “Alexa remind me to check on pot in 5 mins.

Update: I got the Echo Show and it really is all it said its cracked up to be. The function we like the most, the girls and I, is the recipe portion. The girls are into cooking or at least helping me to and it really helps to see the recipes on screen.


Here is a copy of my routines

2. Smart Lights

Personally, I recommend the Sengled Smart LED and the Phillips Hue Smart bulbs. It has saved on my electrical bills with routines. With one command all the lights go out or simply leaving my house with my cellphone. How it helped with the girls is that at 7:45 every night the lights go out and the Eco device starts to play soothing music for them to sleep. On particular nights it will prompt a story for them to listen to.

Additionally, I have a routine set called it’s movie time which turns the lights blue to ensure their eyes are protected from the lights of the tv.

3. Smart Plugs

As a busy mom and I mean a mom who blogs full time I have very irregular waking and sleeping hours. Amazon Smart plugs help me in ensuring all my devices are charged once I have them plugged in. But most importantly with smart plugs, I turned my simple kettle into a smart kettle. A timer is set to ensure it comes on at 4:30 every morning. Just ensure that you have the water the night before. smart plugs can be used for bedside lamps for your kids or humidifier. Smart plugs can turn on anything that they are plugged into.

4. Programmable Coffee maker

Turn any old coffee maker with a toggle switch into a smart coffee machine is pretty easy, you just need a smart plug and to leave toggle switch on. However, if you want all the bells and whistles and are a true coffee connoisseur then you will love this machine, Hamilton Beach Flex Brew. It has two ways to brew, make a single cup for yourself using a Keurig, K-Cup pack or grounds on the single-serve side with this 2-In-1 Coffee maker.

We are a tea and hot chocolate family so I use the hot chocolate K cups and my girls are able to actually make their own hot chocolate with some guidance. Smart move there, late night hot chocolate has turned into an event with music and flavour wars.

5. Smart Locks

As a single mom, I have what they call human syndrome. Which means I forget sometimes and yes I’ve forgotten to lock my doors. Way too often. With smart locks, I’m able to set it to lock once my phone leaves the house or when I say “Alexa I’m leaving” 5 minutes later the doors lock.

The locks I have is the August Smart Lock Pro+ which allows me to control access for anyone. Grant access for a few weeks, a few hours or a few minutes. Which is great for my kids, sitter and visiting friends. It’s saved my ass in a few emergency situations. It’s up to you.

6. Smart Wifi Camera

There are two cameras in my home. One in the living room leading to the dining room and one in the kid’s bedroom. For obvious reasons I need to monitor the kids in their room while I work 4 rooms down the hall. The great part about the camera, oh I have the Wyze Cam HD Indoor but I would recommend you upgrade to the Wyze Cam Pan, Let me continue, the greatest part of the camera is the two-way speaker, which allows me to be the mama in the sky seeing and hearing all. My kids find it hilarious. Listed below are some of recomedations to beef uo your secuity. Any wife security camera will ned an Eco Show or spot to operate it properly.

7. Microwave

I was a pretty sceptic to get the AmazonBasics Microwave but my kids are over the moon for it. The can reorder popcorn from the bloody thing! They can just command the microwave cook, preheat or defrost. It is pretty cool actually!

8. Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential oils are major in my home, you can read all about them here. I’ve used them in teas to help my daughter when she had gastroenteritis. I use them in hair moisturize and lotions you name its essential oils are all over my life, house, kids and food.

The main reason for essential oils is for my diffuser. I use the ASAKUKU  Smart Wi-fi Essential Oil Diffuser and it is WiFi and Alexa compatible. With timers, I’m able to intermittently turn it on and off. My house is constantly energized with lemongrass essential oil. I have a routine set for bedtime that dims my smart bulbs, turns on soft jazz and turns on my diffuser. This routine is called “Mommy Time”.

9. Roomba Vacuum

My Roomba vacuum is the best smart mommy device, ok the second I really like my Eco Dot. It basically is a mini helper. It set to clean while we’re out or at nights when we all are asleep. That I don’t do often as it can be a little creepy and it does have a little noise.

The Roomba really helps a lot and cuts down on my sweeping and with 2 artsy girls I sweep at least 6 times per day, I counted.

10. Nest Thermostat

Living in Jamaica I am only able to use my thermostat and that’s in the summer for the air condition. We have two seasons here, HOT and in summer Hotter that Mouse in a Church (or something like that). With this thermostat, you are able to save money OVER TIME. Set routines to turn on and off, turn up and down based on weather conditions. For me and the girls, we use it to turn on the AC in the summer time when it gets hot only for 4 hours though. We pay way too much for electricity in Jamaica. Find the Nest Learning Thermostat here

Bonus Item

Security Concerns

You may be worried about security. Don’t be, first don’t live in fear and secondly why would a hacker be targeting you in particular. Just ensure your password is strong. All these devices can be reset, stopped and disconnected whenever you want. I would just say to ensure you put a password on your Alexa for making purchases or opening locks.



Here are the 10 smart home devices that are helping single moms to be smart moms. I will give you a list and how it’s helped me and my munchkins

Do you have #chores to #organize, set #routines, have your house running smoothly as a #mom. The try using #smarthomedevices